When the Guy Saves the Girl?

Hello, my friends!

I've been doing a ton of reading lately (whoa! Really?) A couple of the books I've found are Christian fiction books that take place in a fantasy world and feature an oh-so-wonderful male lead.

(I deeply recommend all of these, BTW.)
And this got me thinking about the lack of strong heroes in YA fiction and how much I miss it.
Don't get me wrong- I'm all for female empowerment. I even did a post on male vs. female leads a little while back when I saw Wonder Woman, which is rather incoherent but basically says this: Your lead needs to be the person that drives your story the best. It needs to be the right lead FOR YOUR STORY. If the story would be different and not as good with a female lead, then stick with a guy MC. If it's a story for young women, go with a female lead. I don't see the gaps in YA that a lot of people talk about, especially not in recent releases.
But then, in the above listed books, the strong male is not (usually) the main…

That Special Announcement You Were Promised // Featuring Snippets and many LotR gifs!!!

So... here it is. That special announcement post I've been teasing for the last month or so.




[a lighthouse near me so that you don't see the real picture for this post just yet] .




I FINISHED IT by Faith Thompson I FINISHED IT!!!!!!!!

Or, more accurately:

Editing will do these last things to me.

But at the moment I'm just happy because I made it. I finished a workable draft of a book, and that's a first for me. I've written so many books/stories/etc., but this is the first time I've finished revising the book when it needed a full overhaul and rewrite. I finished it, y'all. So do I care about the editing?

I have a few more weeks before I need to worry about that.

But you want to know about the actual statistics and story part of the book, right?

Here's a screenshot of my NaNoWriMo goal tracker:

As you can see, I started August with 60,000+ words, but I really buckled down in that month and got serious. At 10 PM on the first of Septemb…

I'm Back!!!! // Bloggers who Influenced my Early Blogging Journey // School Year Schedule // Announcement about announcement....

Hey, everyone! I'm BAAAAACCKKKK!
So, before we get started with today's post, a couple of announcements:

Due to school, life, etc., for the duration of this school year, my blog posts shall be going up on either Friday or Saturday. I have yet to decide which. But thank you so much for your patience!!!

Next up is: I promised a "special announcement post" when I got back from my hiatus. But... it turns out that this post is not yet ready. And the thing that was to be announced was... not yet one hundred percent true. So hopefully, by next week it will be!

Today's post follows:

I recently saw Lisa at Inkwell do a post on how much she appreciated Katie Grace's blog and how she influenced her. (If you haven't followed them both, BTW, you should. Go do that right now.) That inspired me to do a little post giving a shoutout to all the people who inspired and influenced me when I was a wee blogger just starting out.

Warning: I may mention you. If you have even th…


Today, my hiatus begins.

Look forward to an important post from me at the end of the month.

Love you all. Have a great rest of August!

The Early Writing Tag, pt. 1

First of all: This is a little late in coming, but Madison created this outstanding mock-up cover for my WIP, Watched. 

Isn't this AMAZING? I love it. So much. Thank you, Maddy!

Second of all: Watched is coming along great! I'm almost to 80,000 words (although I've decided to procrastinate and write this blog post instead. There's so much excellent stuff happening in it (conversions! Princess Bride references!) that I almost don't want it to end.

(That was a lie. I'm so ready for it to be over.)

Third of all: This may be the last post you see from me for a while, before I go on my hiatus, although I'd urge you to go over and check out while I'm away. My article for that is going up soon!

Fourth of all: actual post.

So Abbiee created this tag, and I'm so excited to do it today! I have some truly despicable works in my past, as well as some very amusing stories to go with them. So: let's get to it!
This has also gotten to be…

What I Want to Say to Any Teen Who May have to Deal with Surgery

Today's post is deeply personal. It will not feature any gifs or goofy pics. It will not be full of quips, and it may not seem very in character for me.

But it is something that's been on my heart for a long time, something that needs to be said. And I want to say it.

Earlier this year, I had to have a (cosmetic, mostly) surgery. I'll spare you the details, but suffice it to say that it was mildly terrifying and definitely a bit more than any teen should have to go through. The thought that others will have to endure the same or similar situations hurts my heart. The number of moments I endured in the moments when I had no clue what was wrong with me, the breaking down in the doctor's office, the moments when I just wanted my mom to hold me while I cried, the times when I could do nothing more than hold my Bible open in my lap and cry-- all of this is part of me now. And it was excruciating. The aftermath has been rather stop-and-go, with moments where I feel like a ne…


So, I'm so sorry that I've been so late in getting up a post for you guys! I didn't mean to take a mini-hiatus, but...

One word. Math.

So... yeah. 
I would love to be able to use this blog as an example of faithfulness on today's post, but that will henceforth be proven impossible. Because... I'm very unfaithful to it now that y'all know I have no schedule. XD This is turning into quite the ramble.
Let's get talking about this week's Fruit of the Spirit: Faithfulness.
It's such a hard one to master. Everyone loves a loyal, trustworthy, true-blue person. "Wish I could be just like so and so," we say. "Always there for me. Best friend a fella could have." But then we're not really sure how to get there ourselves.
It's nowhere near as simple as a lot of these other ones have been. Every Fruit of the Spirit is a struggle. This one, I think, is especially so.
It's dropping everything to rush over to a friend's house if…

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