Band Highlights: Skillet

Yikes. When I did my last Band Highlights post, waayyy back in August or something, I promised it would be a monthly thing. One of my New Year's resolutions is for that to be a thing now :/

But finally, several months late, I have a second Band Highlights for you all! Today's focus artist is a slightly more popular Christian artist (okay, significantly more popular), SKILLET!
Skillet is a rock band, although they're starting to lean a little more in the pop direction with their latest album (which makes me sad--their best songs are the heavy rocking ones.) I only really like their more recent albums (Comatose, Awake, Rise, and Unleashed), so I'll only be talking about the songs from those albums. The earlier albums are still worth a listen, though. Keep in mind that this list is only a matter of my personal opinion, and is not the definitive ranking (although, obviously, this is me talking, so it's pretty definitive.)

Let's get started!

#10: Never Surrender  A …

The Literary Dinner Party Tag

Hey, everybody! How are you all doing?

Ivie and Lila tagged me for the Literary Dinner Party Tag. Thank you so much, guys!! *sends lemon bars* That's going to be today's posts, and I hope you enjoy it!

So here we go!!!!!!!

The Literary Dinner Tag

(I'll tag Catherine, Christine, and Evangeline Yackel for this one)

In this tag I'm hosting a fabulous dinner party with some of my favorite characters! (For the sake of simplicity I'll limit the potential guest list to people from my ersonal bookshelf.)
1. Invite a character who can/likes to cook. I'll go with Kira from Gathering Blue. She's sweet and quiet, and I feel like she'd be an interesting addition to this party. 
2. Invite a character who has money and can host this party. This is a super hard question!!!!!!!
How about Percy from the Scarlet Pimpernel? That works. We'll go with that. XD

3. Invite a character that might cause a scene. Easy--Prince Lionheart! (I would be sure to have a peacock around …

Three-in-One Movie Review: The Lego Movies!!! (Surely you're not surprised)

I doubt you're surprised.

I'll never deny that I'm a major fan of animated films. I'm crazy about them and have never stopped being crazy about them. Old classic Disneys that I can sing along to, newer Pixars that make me cry, Universal and DreamWorks movies that make me facepalm and laugh hysterically.

But the Warner Bros Lego Movies are my favorite of all animated movies. They have heart, emotion, smart humor, and compelling plots that make them timeless and excellent. Today's post is a wonderful rave review by me of The Lego Movie, the Lego Batman Movie, and the Lego Ninjago Movie. (Also: If you haven't seen any of these, you should.)

Have some random gifs while I'm at it.

THE LEGO MOVIE Best of the three, perhaps? That's a matter of opinion... but there's no denying that this movie has so much heart, humor, and originality that there's really no way to watch it too many times. via GIPHY
This is the story of Emmet, an ordinary, gener…

My Year was Excellent! (2017 Wrap-Up Post)

Hey, everyone! Can you believe 2017 is almost over??? I definitely can't.

 But this, of course, entails the necessary "Year-long Wrap-up Post", where I give you some recs and my favorites in several different categories from the year. I won't drag out this intro--let's just jump right into it!
Best Books of the Year (modern; I'll get to classics in a minute)
Of all the Tales of Goldstone Wood, this one is by far the best. I'm so glad I decided to use my birthday money to buy this series. <3

While I read the whole Hunger Games series, the middle installment is definitely the best...(because FINNICK AND JOHANNA AND OMG I LOVE THEM)

I guess I must really love the middle books in series or something...while I'm a huge fangirl for the whole Blades of Acktar series now, this one is my favorite of the four. And that's saying something.

My bestie actually bought me this book for Christmas a couple days ago! I'm SO INCREDIBLY HAPPY! I've read 3 …

Twelve Days of Christmas link--up: My Favorite Christmas Songs

Hey, everybody! I feel like I've been away FOREVER. But, hey! I'm back, and I will be again soon with a huge annual wrapup post of my favorite things from this year in several categories. Be on the lookout for that!

It's so beautiful here today. We got about six inches of snow, and I'm in LOVE with snow again. I'd share a picture with y'all, but...unfortunately, I didn't get any while there was still light out, and I'm now writing this at 5:30 in the evening, while it's dark like midnight out there. :(

I also finished school for the semester! And got A's in just about everything!

I Did It GIF from Stephencolbert GIFs

But anyway, here's today's posts, featuring some of my absolute favorite Christmas songs! And this is, by the way, part of a link-up with Faith Potts' 12 Days of Christmas Party, so be sure to check out the rest of that post!

Have a playlist--because today's post is part of an epic link-up for Christmas with Faith Po…

What's next for The Writer's Song?

Hey, beloved followers.

I am drowning in schoolwork and trying to finish Ink Storm in time for the Rooglewood contest. I'm working really hard to do both of those, but it's taking up a lot of time and energy.

My family also just got a puppy. So...there's that.

Because of this, I'm stretched ridiculously thin. Something has to give. And I'm sorry to say that, for right now, it's going to have to be this blog.

I will not be leaving forever--promise. I will simply be taking a semi-hiatus, for at least the month of December, and perhaps into January, while I try to catch up with my life. I also will not be able to read you lovely people's blogs much. :(

You can't get rid of me, though. I'm like mold. There's no escaping me. So wile I won't be posting regularly, I will be doing one or maybe two Christmas-y posts in December, as well as a 2017 wrapup post at the end of the year. So you can look forward to two more posts from me this year <3

I l…

Indie Christian Books Black Friday Sale! (Check out the choices. It's AMAZING.)

Thanksgiving has passed, and now 'tis the season for going mad for shopping.
Let's Shop 'Til We Drop GIF from Solecollector GIFs

One of my friends at co'op pointed out a couple of weeks ago: "We spend Thursday talking about how thankful we are, and then the next day get up at the crack of dawn to go buy a ton of stuff that we 'need.'" This is definitely convicting to me, although I don't do my holiday shopping at the crack of dawn.

However, here I am, to promote this Black Friday Sale! (It's actually an AMAAAAAZING sale. So please, don't let my grouchy Grinch-ness on Black Friday stop you.)

And soon I will start letting the Christmas stuff take over on the Writer's Song ;)

But here you go!!!! The INDIE CHRISTIAN BOOKS SALE!!!!!

This website won't be open until Friday, but the coalition has formed a site for the sale, It's gonna be pretty cool ;) I've been looking over the list of books that's goi…

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